About The Photographer:

Julie Kondor has been enthralled by nature and the world around her through out her whole life. You can always find her connecting with Mother Nature–watching the waves, dancing in the rain, enjoying the sounds of red-tailed hawks or scanning the horizon for dolphins.

Julie has had her camera in tow since graduation from the University of New Hampshire in 1996.  Since her major studies were in the field of Zoology, one of her natural gifts and passions is to photograph and share the inspiring sights and wildlife she encounters in her work.  While living and working in Southern California, Julie has visited many parts of the Pacific, including French Polynesia, Peru, Ecuador and the Galapagos. This enables her to explore cultures, people, landscapes, natural habitats, flora and fauna. Julie receives great joy in sharing the simple, yet breath-taking moments of bliss she observes along the way. 

Julie’s unique style accentuates vibrant color and the purest form of natural day light—creating photography true to the moment of ‘Now’.