Baby Zyler!

We would like to welcome our newest addition to the family, Zyler Everest.  It was such an honor to be part of the process of seeing him grow inside the womb, to photographing his home birth and to be the first to get in a few portraits of him, and his new parents! 

As a photographer, there are many challenges to getting a good photo.  Lighting, camera gear, how many people are in the room or area, how close is a comfortable distance, background, flash, no flash… the list goes on!  One of my methods of photographing is to be a fly on the wall.  I love to capture the 'now' of the moment, and get the true essence of people at that one specific moment that most resembles who they are. 

Here are a few photos up to and after the birth of baby Zyler.  We love him so much!!