I did it!!

This week I had the blessed opportunity to photograph two powerful women who I consider both friends and family, Celestina Griego and Kamala Devi. 

The first lovely lady is my 'cousin from California', Celestina.  I used to change her diaper (Sorry, Tina, you know I had to say it!)  I met Tina when she was only 6 months old during my seventh birthday party in Connecticut.  Since then, we have always had a special bond. I love her dearly and look to her in admiration as she is a gifted hair stylist at The Loft Hair Design in Escondido.  Her love for pin-up models and the vintage style has led her and a friend to form Cuties for a Cause, a local non-profit pin up Calendar that partners with a local charity each year to help raise money and awareness for that organization.  If you or some one you know is in the market for an amazing stylist, please go see Tina.  If you would like to support Cuties for a Cause, you can purchase beautiful 2011 calendars of local pin up girls along side vintage cars HERE


My next photographic adventure was with the sexy, spiritual, Goddess, Kamala Devi.  I started photographing for Kamala' s Tantra Theatre performances back in March of this year.  She is an author, teacher, healer, director, bliss coach, wife, mother, friend AND movie star!  In the beginning of our partnership, we spoke of eventually doing some photos of her, when her scheduled opened up. Eight months later, the time came!  During this time, I was able to process a whole spectrum of feelings leading up to this day!  I was excited!  I was overwhelmed!  I was scared!  Are my skills honed enough?  Will she like the photos?  What if this opportunity opens up a whole new door to a passion-turned- part-time-career?  Or even worse: What if this opens a door to a Full-Time career!?  OMGoddess!  I have been working with animals my whole life, and not quite mastering the art of portraiture.  Being able to connect and photograph nature and animals in glory- No problem!  But to connect with people and capture their essence with out getting them all 'cheesy' smiled because they see a camera?!  That (is) WAS! a whole new scariness for me! 

Now, I am in tears- because it is hitting me that: YES!  I have done it!  I can capture, with grace and ease, their  personalities and essence!



Thank you Celestina Griego, and Kamala Devi for allowing me to See You!!  I love you!