Julie Dolittle?

 Ever since childhood, I have been captivated by animals, the way they move, their behaviors, how they communicate- it is all so fascinating for me! The times that i recall being in the most BLISS are memories including interactions with animals.  They bring me so much Joy! 

Just recently at on a trip to the local Wild Animal Park (part of San Diego Zoo)- I was 'accused' of being a Julie Dolittle!  One of my highlight encounters that day was with the alpha female lion, Oshana.  She and her cohorts, Izu and Mina were lounging in the warm afternoon sun.  She got up to get a drink of water and play with a hidden gourd.  Then, after taking a look around, she came over to the large viewing window and jumped up on a box right in front of where I was standing!  She then laid down, facing me and that is when we locked eyes!  We were, literally, nose to nose with only glass between us.  I was able to examine every fine detail of her being-ness!  After only a few minutes, I felt my heart just open up, expanding in Love!  She is so powerful!  We continued to eye gaze for what felt like 7 minutes.  She then decided to get up and return to her sunbathing- leaving me in a heavenly state of awe! 

Finding the closest bench to sit down on, trying to come back to down to earth, we realized that I had been in a state of lioness eye gazing for 30 minutes!!!!  Wow! 

Here is a photo of the event, as well as some other 'Julie Dolittle' moments:

So, now after exchanging a photography session with my friend Joy! Phoenix, aka The Wish Granter, I have but one, true, heartfelt wish in life.  I want, with every cell in my body, with every thought, with every twinkle of love surrounding me: to travel to the tropical, low latitude waters where Humpback Whales mate and calf: to get in the water and SWIM with them.  I want to be there for at least 6 days.  I want to have full access to them (as much time in the water as the whales are comfortable with).  I want to have only the best, most perfect and warm weather.  I want an underwater, nature photographer with me, photographing the whole event.  I want to be in the Silver Banks, in Tonga/Fiji, in French Polynesia and/or in Mexico.  I also want it to be a fully paid and all inclusive trip- and heck!- I AM even getting paid to do it!  It is my intention to fulfill this Life's Wish of mine sometime with in the next 375 days!  AND SO IT IS!!!