"I love Julie's photography. It has always left me wondering, laughing, sighing in amazement, or counting life's blessings. Julie has a gift —-her love of nature shines through every photo. Funny how a captured moment in time can make your heart smile…or cry."

“As a theater director, I create pictures with bodies onstage, I've been fortunate to work with Julie as our cast photographer and her creative vision shines through the camera lens. She is somehow able to capture the essence of a spontaneous moment and her pictures often come alive off the page. Thank you, Julie.”
~ Kamala Devi
  Bliss Coach

"Julie has this way of taking pictures that simply make you feel beautiful. She has an ease about her and totally knows where and when to take a picture. She is also a true naturalist and works brilliantly with natural surroundings. I am just in love with Kondor Imaging photos. I have many Kondor prints hanging on my wall. My home is filled with wedding photos, hummingbirds, flowers and ocean scenes. It always brings us a big smile."
~Linda Quynh Geesaman

“Julie has a keen artists eye for composition and perspective. Her innate ability to capture the true essence of her subject is apparent whether she is photographing family portraits, marine life or floral arrangements. My husband and I are pleased to own several of her ocean photographs. Each one spoke to us, eliciting emotions of joy and peace, and reminding us of our own experiences at sea.”
~Alison Hiers


“I have been greatly moved by the beautiful work I see from Julie-Ann Kondor. She is able to capture an emotion with her photos in a way I have never seen. Julie is a true artist and professional who is constantly growing and honing her craft. Thank you, Julie for letting us view the world through your eyes.”
~ Celestina Griego
  Co-Founder, Cuties for a Cause


"Julie-Ann does AMAZING work.  Some of my all-time favorite photos of any photographer in the world are Julie's.  I've got 3 of her photos framed and hung at my house right now.   Whether it's people, plants or animals, she's got a 'special something' that helps her get the great shots.  She has traveled the world and has experienced many different cultures and environments (she's got the pictures to prove it!).  Thank you Julie-Ann for capturing those little details, smiles and feelings so well."
~ Chris Erickson


“I have witnessed Julie in action, photographing the perfect moments in time among the animals she loves so much. No one can capture a moment like she can as she has shown us in her work.”


"Julie Kondor’s images are amazing…. the vantage point from the Dana Point Headlands provides a the public with the unique opportunity to view an array of marine organisms, but Julie's photography inside the Nature Interpretive Center brings these same organisms to life. What beautiful imagery."
~Jeff Rosaler
  City of Dana Point
  Natural Resources Protection Officer


“How many different ways can I say- I love Julie’s photos. I love the way she has shared her trips over the oceans with her photos, and the way she always finds the right light to bring out the fish, flower, person or sunset as she clicks another photo for us to see. We love you Julie, and thank you for always sharing.
~Mark Anthony
“P.S. The best way I can say how much I love Julie’s photos is: I hang them on my wall so I can see them every day"


"What a fun photographer! Great with lighting, location and a warm, loving feeling during photo sessions. Also great at capturing moments as they happen. Julie is present, open, fun, sweet and takes great pictures."
~Rita Mooney